Year: 2014

Jack Bruce, Bass Out Front–HCKKH Blues & N.S.U [1968]

Rest in Peace, Jack Bruce Here from 1968, is Jack Bruce’s modern jazz opus, the too-often overlooked THINGS WE LIKE, which certainly changed my life…looking as I was back then for a more modern conception of the jazz guitar. This

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Sonny Rollins Ambushed By The New Yorker

This comment, posted by tenor saxophonist Sonny Rollins on his Twitter page, would seem to say it all. The joke in question was a piece, published in that once-distinguished periodical, THE NEW YORKER, suggestively entitled, Sonny Rollins: In His Own

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Mop Mop: Max Roach’s Media Encounter With Kentucky Sour Mash

Radio Free Chip here.  One hell of a long winter, was it not dear friends? And was it ever brutal for your author on a number of levels, including an unending series of computer meltdowns–culminating in a very long, harrowing

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